You didn’t start your business to do admin… Let me take care of your “to do list” so you can focus on your goals.


Whether you are a small or large business your initial concept was not about the emails, paperwork, calls and general organisation to keep it up and running.  But these are the things that can be the difference between an ok business and a fantastic, well-oiled machine! They take time - often your down-time. I can give you time back in your day to focus on what you set out to achieve... or just focus on you.


I can simplify your time by taking care of:

  • Calendar management - scheduling and appointment setting

  • Email / Inbox management - prioritising and actioning

  • Client communications - calls / emails to clients

  • Travel arrangements - research and bookings

  • Document preparation, formatting and distribution - presentations, newsletters etc

  • Managing file storage (Google Drive, One Drive & DropBox)

  • Coordinating and managing projects - workflow and stakeholder engagement

  • Creating, sending and analysing surveys to provide recommendations 

  • Ensuring company policies and procedures are standardized - processes, standard operating procedures and manuals

  • Process management - evaluating and improving a processes, making business operations and workflow more efficient

  • Setting up and managing back-end systems like CRM, customer support, project management and liaising with key business partners