Death by Over-planning and Over-thinking

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Here we are... the start of a new year, new decade... time to set goals, resolutions, intentions, plans, whatever you choose to call them. We are inundated with social media posts about setting yourself up for the next year through December and January at the best of times but something about starting a new decade seems to have made the goal/intention setting promotion go into overdrive.

I too had the very best intentions to "set myself up". I am currently in Canada on a family holiday and thought I would use the two 9 hour flights to get here to PLAN. First flight, I got out my laptop, turned it on... and sat. I stared at the blank word doc. Jotted down a few things but then thought too much about it all and then sat and stared again... urgh. Second flight my laptop stayed in my bag.

December 31st, the family went up the mountain to ski. My daughter had decided she didn't want to go so we stayed home. This time I got out my new planner. I've always found I am more creative and ideas flow better if I can put physical pen to paper, so I was quite excited this time to get some thoughts down. I opened up the first page, "100 Things to Accomplish in 2020". The first 10 were hard as I again overthought it, then I relaxed and before I knew it I was at 68. I look at those 68 now and wonder if I even want to achieve these things or if I was just filling in the gaps?

Then there is the "WORD" for the year - give yourself a word to help guide and define your goals and direction for the year. That's the next page in my planner and I am seeing it talked about in various Facebook groups. Pick ONE word, out of all the words in the universe? Hmmm... that could take me a while. There are online workshops, free downloads and cheat sheets to help you decide on your one word (or some will allow you 3). They are EVERYWHERE.

One of my business goals for the year was to do more writing and start a blog. I have been brainstorming topics, thinking about a schedule, what I could link them to, call to actions etc. Again planning, planning, planning...

I actually think I am more stressed and anxious about the year ahead by all the planning. So today, I stopped.

I've always known that I am an over-thinker and have had issues with failing to launch because things aren't quite ready. So today, I wrote a blog and am clicking publish!

Yes I will still plan my actions, but only to a point. I have goals that I will break down into smaller achievable steps. But I will not get bogged down by 100 things or 1 word. I'll keep it simple. And I'll just bloody do it!

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