Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

You have probably heard all the cliche reasons to hire a Virtual Assistant - allowing business owners to get some "work/life balance" back, focus on what's important etc... The biggest problem with these reasons is it is too easy for entrepreneurs to think it's quicker and easier if I keep doing it myself and often, they struggle to let go. That's usually the single biggest reason they don't have "work/life balance", because they can't let go. They haven't found someone to trust and therefore can't switch off.

So let's look at some other reasons - some obvious, some not so much - to hire a really good VA.

Planning & Growth

This one is a bit of a no brainer - if you have someone help you with your admin then your time will be freed up to plan more and better yet, to put those plans into action. Every entrepreneur thinks about the next step, the next goal - it's the entrepreneurial mindset. Often the stumbling block to get there is having enough time to do it. So a good VA will give you back time - yes sorry, the old cliche! But as a bonus, when you hire a really good VA, they will often increase your productivity on all sorts of tasks, not just the ones you assign to them - you see, the best VA's keep abreast of technology, they network, they collaborate to find out what the best system to do x is, is there a better procedure to do y. Let them into your business and I guarantee things will start to move quickly. A good VA will see ways to do things better and more efficiently.

Accountability Partner

Now you have had time to plan and your business is starting to take on new heights; you are excited, you're attending more events, you're holding workshops, you're launching new services...but you are bound to have your down-days. We're human. It happens. There are days when you wake up and think, why do I bother. Well, a good VA is there. They are there to "chew the fat", to help you refocus and remember why you do bother! Or, they are there just to keep the business functioning while you take some time out to yourself to reset. If you are someone who needs to check in with someone else on where you are at with your goals, how things are tracking, or crack the whip if you are starting to flounder then a good VA will do that.

Right-hand man (or more often than not, girl!)

Running a business can be lonely at times. It's not like employment where you generally have a team or colleagues that you can run ideas past, chat about your challenges or cast an eye over something. Of course you may have friends, husbands etc that could help but often you need a more neutral sounding-board. Someone who will tell you your idea stinks (and how to make it better!). Someone who can read through an email and tell you how to word it differently. There is something special about building relationship with a good VA, so that you can bounce ideas off one another. Be open and honest. Grow the business together.

Specialist skills

Most entrepreneurs start up a business in their specialist area, which is generally not admin! So just as you may have specialist skills in helping business women find their niche, re-tiling showers or flying a kite?! Why not get someone in who has specialist skills in setting up CRMs, email management, bookkeeping, sales funnels, social media... The list is endless. All I am saying is, just because you set up your OWN business doesn't mean it all needs to be YOU! Work out 2 or 3 tasks that are crucial to your business success that you don't have the skills for (do you really have time to upskill?) or just don't like doing and find a VA - a really good VA - to help you out.

Ultimately, all of these reasons rely on you finding a REALLY GOOD VA.

And like everything, there are some not so good ones. Do your homework. Ask around. Trust your instinct. You'll never be able to fully let go if there is something not quite right or you just can't seem to build that relationship.

Have you used a VA before? Are you a VA? What other benefits can you think of?

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